About Nationwide

Nationwide Asset Management Group is national in scope and has a well-respected history of consulting, property management and receivership, and it has grown into one of the nation's top companies in its field thanks to its in-depth, innovative and professional philosophy of business.

With a wide range of divisions under the Nationwide umbrella, we truly are a full-service company, providing comprehensive consulting, management and receivership plans for our clients. With in-house services that include Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Human Resources and Construction, Nationwide is an all-inclusive firm, able to handle a wide range of actions related to corporations, partnerships and mortgages.


  • Legal: With a group of the most well-respected attorneys in the industry, Nationwide is able to provide exceptional protection of assets. We consult with a top-notch legal team to safeguard investments from outside liabilities.
  • Accounting and Financial: Nationwide’s team of certified public accountants manages all of our properties’ financial transactions, including internal audits to ensure the integrity of each property. We offer a diverse range of superior accounting services, including payroll, audit, tax and advisory assistance.
  • Insurance: Our team includes one of the nation’s top-ranked insurance agencies, which can provide immediate coverage at volume discounts, and those discounts are passed on to our lenders and investors. Nationwide also has the ability to immediately acquire utility bonds and receivership bonds once the court has ordered the receivership.
  • Human Resources: Nationwide’s Human Resources division provides strategy, forecasting, leadership training and support to the company’s most important resources – its clients and employees.
  • Construction: Our incomparable construction crews have repaired, renovated and restored an assortment of structures and properties of various sizes. Nationwide manages each phase of any renovation plan to ensure efficiency and financial savings.

If you are in need of consulting, management or receivership services, please contact M. Neal Eckard to discuss the case, his availability for service, his capabilities to handle the type of case and the parties that are involved in the litigation.