Our Team


M. Neal Eckard, CHA, is a 37-year, seasoned veteran in the hospitality asset management business. Mr. Eckard has worked in all aspects of the hospitality field from “the front to the back of the house.” During his long and distinguished career, he has owned, operated and supervised a diverse group of hotels, from limited to full-service, throughout the United States. In addition to his experience in hotel operations, Mr. Eckard works with a select group of major lenders on receiverships and foreclosures, as well as major franchises on brand positioning and marketing of hotels. His reputation in the hospitality community for his emphasis on cost control, along with aggressive sales and marketing strategies, has transformed many distressed properties into viable assets. Mr. Eckard’s bold management decisions and hands-on approach has generated much growth. As a result of his efforts, he has positioned his experience and reputation as one of the most respected in the hospitality industry.

In addition to the hospitality industry, Mr. Eckard is the President of Nationwide Asset Management Group. He guides this third party management division in commercial assets, which handles the receivership and management division for multi-family, office buildings, strip centers, golf courses, warehouses and other commercial property.

With his extensive experience in the hospitality asset management field, Mr. Eckard also can provide expert testimony and litigation support in court and court-mediated settings for a myriad of clients - hotel properties, franchisors, owners and operators and individual litigants.

Mr. Eckard is a Certified Hotel Administrator, receiving his certification in 1984. During his distinguished career, he has been selected to serve on several hospitality industry associations, where many of his pioneering ideas have been implemented. He has also been chosen on several occasions to speak at industry-related meetings and has been a strong leader in meeting with dignitaries at the state level.

Mr. Eckard is a native of West Virginia, where he attended West Virginia University. He currently resides in Indiana.

Email: neal.eckard@nationwideassetmgmt.com