Asset Protection

As a lender, protect your value post foreclosure.

With our secure and protection services, Nationwide Asset Management Group manages the process of defending properties from deterioration and damages. Upon takeover, vacant properties are secured immediately. The locks are re-keyed, windows repaired and any other necessary safeguards are made to help prevent vandalism and unlawful entry. Nationwide understands the importance of protecting your assets and makes every effort to keep your properties secure.

In addition, Nationwide's in-house engineer, construction firm, mold and asbestos company can handle all environmental issues. Nationwide's engineering firm can repair the problem at volume discounts thanks to the solid relationship established by M. Neal Eckard.

Our team also provides consulting services designed specifically for our customers’ needs. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property to determine the physical conditions and financial stability, as well as evaluate the integrity of the asset. Nationwide performs inspections on all types of commercial properties, and our thorough assessments supply the specific information you require to plan exit strategies for liquidation.

Maintenance is an important part of protecting your investment. Nationwide is committed to ensuring your property remains in excellent condition. The grounds, equipment and buildings are routinely inspected to confirm everything is working in a safe and appropriate manner, making repairs as needed. Nationwide’s experience in post property management enables us to quickly and easily handle issues as they arise.